The Three Types Of Airlie Beach Wedding Couples Can’t Resist

When it comes to planning an Airlie Beach wedding, there’s a lot to think about.

What will you wear? What colour scheme should you have? How are you going to pick just one cake?

But arguably, the most important question of all is… where will the wedding be?

And no, we don’t mean where in the world (because obviously, you’re going to get married in beautiful Airlie Beach, right? Where else would you want to get married?)

We mean where in Airlie Beach, because here’s the thing—there are a lot of stunning locations to choose from.

In this post, we’ve narrowed down three types of Airlie Beach weddings that are most popular, so that you can at least tick “location” off of your wedding planning checklist:


Top 3 Airlie Beach Weddings


1) A Poolside Wedding

A simple and elegant choice for any couple—a poolside wedding not only adds that “tropical” feeling to a wedding, but it allows for some amazing styling (think lighting and reflections), as well as easy entertainment for kids.

Pools are naturally a place to kick back and relax—so if you want your wedding day to feel like a casual, intimate gathering with a hint of sophistication, then this is a perfect choice!

Couples Love:

The stunning Balinese pool where couples can pose for photos and dance the night away—with overhead lighting and professional styling, a poolside wedding can look elegant and natural at the same time.

2) A Beachfront Wedding

Is there anything more romantic than a beachside wedding?

(Well, maybe, but beaches are definitely high up on the list).

On a gorgeous, clear day, there’s very little more beautiful that a wedding right beside the sparkling ocean waves on a wide stretch of sand. There’s something simply magical about a beachfront wedding, and the simplicity and natural beauty of it really makes couples swoon over tying the knot in such a location. Luckily, Airlie Beach is known for it’s many beautiful beaches—so it’s no surprise that it’s top choice when it comes to popular Airlie Beach weddings.

However, if you thought beach weddings were dreamy, have you ever considered getting married on Whitehaven Beach? Yes, you can really tie the knot on this famous beach—known for it’s 97% pure silica, white sands and crystal-clear waters. If beach weddings are your idea of perfection, then a Whitehaven Wedding would be pure heaven.

Couples Love:

The once in a lifetime photographs of just the two of you on an isolated, paradise beach—your wedding photos will be unlike any other.

3) A Garden Wedding

A garden wedding is perfect for any couple who love the outdoors, nature, and a lot of colour in their life! A blend of sunny blue skies, gorgeous greenery and styled florals can create the most effortless and stunning of wedding ceremonies—and it can really be that simple!

Another great perk to garden weddings is that there’s usually lots of space to style and make it your own—you can add teepees and chairs, all sorts of aisle arrangements, signage, and so much more!

Couples Love:

The gorgeous, tropical surroundings and natural beauty that can only be found in Airlie Beach and The Whitsundays. Manicured lawns and trimmed flowers are nice, but nothing beats lush, natural greenery.

Can’t choose?

Good news—you don’t have to! If you book your wedding at Paradise Cove Resort, then all three of these types of weddings are a choice for both wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Paradise Cove Resort is the ultimate venue for Airlie Beach wedding due to its exclusivity, easy ceremony setup, and gorgeous location options.

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